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Eid Mubarak From Us

Eid Mubarak from READ Foundation! Celebrate joy and compassion this Eid. Join us in spreading smiles through education. Donate today!

Make Your Ramadan Impactful

Your Zakat Changes Lives

This Ramadan, don’t just give your Zakat, invest in a child’s future.

Sponsor An Orphan

Education is a right, not a privilege. Sponsor An Orphan today and give them the chance they deserve.

Yemen - A Country in Crisis, In Need of a Brighter Future

A country in which 80% of the population needs acute humanitarian aid and 12 million children are vulnerable. Show them they haven’t been forgotten this Ramadan.

Pakistan - Amidst Instability, Our commitment Persists

A nation affected by poverty and natural disasters, but eager for opportunity and a better future. This Ramadan, help children through educational empowerment. 

Lebanon - Home to Millions of Refugees

Children stuck in a refugee camp still require education for a brighter future. Help them read this Ramadan.

Bangladesh - Vulnerable Children on the Streets

Vulnerable street children that are stuck on the streets of Bangladesh deserve a safe and protected environment this Ramadan.

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Night Shelter & Drop-in Centres

READ Foundation’s Night Shelters and Drop-in Centres focus on safeguarding street children by providing a safe space that protects them from potential risks. With around 450,000 children on the streets of Dhaka alone, we need your help to keep them safe.



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