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School closures have devastating consequences for children’s learning and well-being. The most vulnerable children and those who are unable to access an education are at risk of never seeing a classroom – being forced into child labour or even marriage.

UNESCO reports that more than 800 million children worldwide continue to face disruptions to their education due to full and partial school closures.

Children worldwide – especially within impoverished communities - see school as a safe-haven, place where they can interact with their peers, seek support, access health and immunization services and a nutritious meal. The longer schools remain closed within their region, the longer children are cut off from these critical elements of childhood.

This Ramadan help us make sure that every child has access to an education – the key to a world without poverty.

Be the difference.


We believe that schooling is an integral part of child’s development and plays a vital role in poverty reduction which is why we’re opening schools in areas where there are none.

The education of many children in rural areas is challenged by long and dangerous journeys to and from school.

Furthermore, the buildings are in poor condition, the quality of education is poor and there is a lack of water and latrine facilities. According to the education inequality index, 31% of children in rural areas are out-of-school.

Supporting the refurbishment and opening of schools within impoverished communities will benefit thousands of orphaned and underprivileged children for generations to come because your generosity helped them learn and grow at a school you helped refurbish and open.

What an incredible gift.

Be the difference.

> How you can help

£60 contributes toward projects for opening schools.

£120 can cover a child’s place in school.

£240 can cover two children's places in school.

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