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We believe that schooling is an integral part of child’s development and plays a vital role in poverty reduction. This is why we have implemented a programme to open schools in areas where there are none. The education of many children in rural areas is challenged by long and dangerous journeys to and from school. Furthermore, the buildings are in poor condition, the quality of education is poor and there is a lack of water and latrine facilities. According to the education inequality index, 31% of children in rural areas are out-of-school.

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£120 or £10 per month, this can cover a child’s enrolment and school fees, securing their education for five years!

£600 or £50 per month, this can send five children to school for five years, opening doors for them for years to come beyond that!

£1,200 or £100 per month, this can provide a job, sponsoring a teacher in a READ school for an entire year!


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