> About Zakat

Zakat, also known as Zakah, is a charitable donation of 2.5% of an individual’s surplus wealth that is obligatory upon every Muslim. Not only is it a fundamental pillar of Islam, but it is also pivotal in the fight against poverty and has the potential to ease the suffering of millions of people around the world.


The literal meaning of Zakat is ‘to cleanse’ or ‘purify’ one’s wealth, providing a connection between Allah (God), the individual, and those who are less fortunate.

When you donate your Zakat, your donation will immediately be put to action, empowering those we serve through education.

We strive to ensure that your Zakat empowers those who receive it, and ultimately contributes to bringing them out of the difficult circumstances they are in, empowering them to break free from the cycle of poverty.

Through careful assessment, we take special care to reach those who are most vulnerable.

From building schools, repairing educational institutions, caring and empowering orphans and providing tools for education – their right - Read Foundation has been implementing life-changing Zakat eligible projects around the world through the generosity of our donors, educating millions of poor and vulnerable children.

We recognize the trust or amanah our donors place in us to ensure that their support is given to those most in need. We carry this responsibility with integrity and take this seriously which is why we ensure that every pound is used to support and empower a vulnerable person in need.

Throughout it all, we work to ensure your Zakat donations are not just a simple transaction, but rather a means to uplift and transform.

Read Foundation supports over 4,000 orphans around the world, lifting them out of poverty through education with YOUR Zakat.However, there are millions of orphans and vulnerable children around the world that still require urgent support and do not have access to education. Vulnerable and afraid of what lies ahead, many of these children dream of a brighter future that is 100% possible with your Zakat.

Be the difference. Give your Zakat.

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