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Empower Her is dedicated to empowering girls worldwide through education. In a world filled with broken systems, global crises, and uncertainty, the challenges faced by orphaned and vulnerable girls can be particularly daunting. It is essential to recognise the uniqueness and importance of each child and ensure they have the right to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment.

For years, READ Foundation has been actively supporting orphans, but now they aim to go beyond providing care and make a lasting impact by fostering independence. Through initiatives like building and rehabilitating schools exclusively for girls in Pakistan and Yemen, the campaign aims to create learning environments that empower young girls to thrive.

Additionally, the campaign offers higher education student sponsorships for girls in Pakistan, enabling them to pursue further studies and unlock a world of opportunities. In rural locations Community-Based Accelerated  Learning spaces (CBALs) ensure that girls and women have access to continuous education, skill development, and close the gap from years of neglect.

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Recognising the unique needs of vulnerable girls, the Empower Her campaign extends its reach to projects like drop-in centres and night shelters with counselling support for girls in a street children programme in Bangladesh. These provide safe havens for girls while also addressing their emotional well-being.

Empower Her also embraces innovative solutions, such as the School in a Bus initiative in Lebanon, which offers evening vocational training classes for girls. By bringing education to their doorstep, this project equips girls with practical skills, enhancing their employability and self-reliance.

Supporting the Empower Her campaign ensures we educate whole generations and secures the future of those most vulnerable in society.

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Every single child is special and unique, and it is their human right to grow up in a safe, nurturing environment. READ Foundation has been at the forefront of taking care of orphans for years.



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