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READ Foundation is dedicated to transforming the lives of thousands of vulnerable children worldwide by building new schools. Yet, this monumental task cannot be achieved without your support. 

Recent studies indicate that nearly 22.8 million children in Pakistan, aged 5 to 16, are not in school, accounting for almost half of the children in this age group.

By constructing schools in Pakistan, we aim to make education accessible to all children. Each new school is thoughtfully designed to meet the specific needs of its community. Our facilities accommodate hundreds of students and emphasise good hygiene and sanitation, adhering to the highest humanitarian standards. These schools offer safety and stability for children facing challenging circumstances, allowing them to break free from the shackles of poverty. 

Our secondary schools boast cutting-edge resources, including IT suites, science labs, and libraries, fostering a well-rounded education that values theoretical and practical learning.

Thanks to the development and investment into school communities and infrastructure, we’re witnessing a positive shift: more children are enrolling in school, fewer are dropping out, and an increasing number are graduating. Join us in this vital mission to empower the next generation through education.

How you can HELP?

Project Overview: Development of a New School

The key activities involved in developing a new school include:

  • Land Acquisition and Construction: Collaborating with local partners to secure land and contract builders for the school’s construction.
  • Enrolment Strategy: Initial enrolment targets are 30–35 children per grade from Play Group to Grade 2.
  • Staffing: Recruitment of a 12-member skilled team, including training for five female teachers.
  • Resources: Procurement of furniture, educational materials, and equipment.
  • Legal and Curriculum Compliance: Ensuring registration with the appropriate district and provincial authorities and adherence to Pakistan’s National Curriculum Guidelines.
  • Teacher Training: Implementing a rigorous training program with a 6-day pre-service training and an annual 3-day refresher at the start of each school year.
  • Evaluation and Reporting: Regular assessment and reporting by the project supervisor, incorporating feedback from school staff, parents, and relevant authorities.


Support for UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

This project is designed to establish educational infrastructure and integrate comprehensive strategies for quality education, staff development, and community involvement, aligning closely with global sustainability goals.

✓ SDG 1: ending poverty in all its forms everywhere.

✓ SDG 4: ensuring quality education for all and promoting lifelong learning.

✓ SDG 5: achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls.

✓ SDG 10: reducing inequality.

Schools built to date.
Schools currently in operation.
Orphans have been provided access to quality education.
Teachers are employed and trained in our schools.

How You Can Help

By supporting us in constructing new schools, we collectively empower entire communities with the education and resources necessary to break the cycle of poverty.

A one-off payment of £100 can contribute towards building a brand new school.

A monthly installment of £1,000 can cover the costs of building a classroom or necessary school facilities.

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