> Building schools

We build schools to ensure that vulnerable children have access to a quality education.

Together, we’ve built over 390 schools and educated over 112,000 students.

> Why build a school with READ?

The answer to this is simple. By empowering children within impoverished communities, you are raising an entire generation and giving them the platform they need in order to change their paths and their lives. In order to ensure that we are making an impact, our focus in three key areas:

Millions of children are missing out an education due to poverty, gender inequality and a lack of learning resources.

Ensuring that they will learn how to read and write.

250 million primary school aged children aren’t learning basic literacy or numeracy skills.

> The programme

We make sure that students will have access to all that they need, providing them with a quality education. In an effort to encourage and facilitate a WASH programme, the school grounds also have WASH facilities including latrines that are in line with CHS standards. Options and growth in all areas of study is important which is why the grounds include IT and Science laboratories for older students, giving them the tools they need to progress further in their education.

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