> Our mission, vision and values

Imagine a world without suffering and poverty. A world where every person – especially children – have access to basic needs, their rights.

READ Foundation is working for a world where every child has access to an education and can learn, grow and lead.

We envision a world that has no place for organisations like ours because every individual in this world has access to their needs. Every individual in this world would have access to an education – their right.

A world without poverty can exist. We know that it will happen in our lifetime and when it does, we want to be celebrating that day with you.

So the mission is this: We’re going to end poverty through education.

Here’s how. We at READ Foundation, believe that education is the doorway to a world that has ended poverty. It is the beginning of what we need to learn, grow and thrive.

Guided by Islamic principles and upholding our values – respect, trust, empowerment, equality and transparency, we are dedicated to providing access to education for all vulnerable people within impoverished communities around the world, helping them break free from the cycle of poverty.

Join us. Be the difference.

> About READ Foundation

READ Foundation strongly believes in a world where education is accessible to all because education is the weapon in the fight against poverty, and young people are the key.

Founded in Kashmir, READ Foundation has been serving those in need and now operates in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkey and Yemen.

All of our projects ensure that the educational empowerment of marginalised communities is part of their central design. We’re building and opening schools that provide an education to the world’s most vulnerable, setting up mobile classrooms in refugee camps and conflict zones, offering one-to-one sponsorships for orphaned children, setting up shelters for homeless children in impoverished communities, and this is just the beginning.

Empower those in need today.

To date we have

Built over 390 schools
Supported 11,341 orphans
Educated 59,855 boys and 52,151 girls
Our schools have an alumni of 135,000 students

Are you ready to change the world with us?

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