We are READ Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing school places for children living in poverty who otherwise cannot afford to become educated.

Education is important, it is the foundation that every child deserves and since our inception in 1994 we have worked to create new opportunities for low-income families to send their children to school.

Education works as a doorway out of poverty. It is incredibly transformative as it empowers children with the skills they need to make the right choices. We’ve been a witness to this for more than 20 years as our work has helped build brighter futures for children coming from the most humble of backgrounds.

What Makes Us Different

We focus only on education. We build and renovate schools to create as many places as we can for children in poverty to learn and become educated. Our mission is simple, to provide a school place for every child.

What we’re doing is working

Education works against poverty, and the seeds that we’ve planted are bearing fruit. We’ve helped hundreds of orphan and disadvantaged children progress on to university and thousands more to become contributing members of the societies they live in.

We didn’t do it alone

We’re humbled by the tremendous support on our journey so far from the amazing people that have donated to our cause, and those that have partnered with us.