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Build a school project

When it comes to education, READ Foundation is second to none. We have extensive experience in providing quality education to children in some of the poorest regions in Pakistan, and delivering some of the best results. This comes down to our philosophy of education works. It is fundamental in bringing families out of poverty. One of the key ways of doing this is to actually build a school, in areas where there really isn’t anywhere to learn and grow. The best part of this is that the local community have the will and desire to learn, all we are doing is giving them the tools they need to succeed. This is a landmark project. Building a school builds up a whole community.

According to a report by DIFID, a third of the Pakistani population live in poverty, within which half are illiterate. A third of those are women. We aim to change that!

Education can open the door to social and professional opportunities as well as relieve families from the burden of school fees.

Children studying outside

The aim of our ‘Build a school’ project is to construct a seismic compliant school that delivers quality education to marginalised children. The programme includes:

  •  Teaching numeracy and literacy skills using a curriculum and extracurricular activities.
  •  Access to WASH facilities, such as latrines, that are in line with CHS standards
  •  IT facilities and Science laboratories for older children
  •  Meals for the children

The project is especially important for young girls as it provides equal opportunities for them to improve their life chances. They are able to participate in society and education prevents challenges such as early childhood marriage. Our schools give more than just classroom learning, it offers a wholistic approach to education and child development.

Will you help a child to move on to a better chapter in their life?

£120 or £10 per month

This can provide a child a place at school for five years.

£260 or £50 per month

This can provide five children a place at school for five years.

£1,200 or £100 per month

This can sponsor a teacher in a READ school for a year.

School Build Testimonial

Asif Ansari – Millot School
Les Drian – School Name
Khashif Minhaz – School Name

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