Multi-Education Assistance for the most vulnerable group in Yemen

The conflict in Yemen has resulted in displacement, disease and the risk of famine. This has had a profound effect on the world’s more vulnerable population – children.  Around 75% of the population are in need of humanitarian assistance.  Assistance from the international community is essential for the survival of the Yemeni community.

Emergency education protects children from begging in the streets.

READ Foundation recognises the extensive damage caused by the conflict and has launched an Emergency Multi-Educational Programme. Despite the complicated environment in Yemen, the programme creates a path to childhood learning, access to basic WASH needs, community cohesion and inclusion.

READ Foundation has established a programme to support three schools by providing:

  • Classroom replacements of rehabilitating the infrastructure
  • Sanitation systems
  • Improving the staff capacity, including teachers on psychosocial support
  • Providing educational supplies, such as textbooks
  • Providing hygiene kits
  • Providing breakfast and snacks

Even in the most trying environment, READ Foundation seeks to provide stability, hope of a future, a sense of belonging and basic necessities to children forgotten by the world and its lenses.

£50 or £5 a month can provide a classroom full of books (25 children).

£300 or £25 a month can provide school uniforms and kits for 25 children.

£1,200 or £100 a month can feed breakfast to 300 children for 4 months.

£36,000 or £3,000 a month can fully rehabilitate a school and run it for a year.

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