> COVID-19 emergency appeal

Will YOU help us look after orphans, widows and refugees?

COVID-19 is the unexpected pandemic that has claimed countless lives. A plague that has the world in its grip, the coronavirus pandemic has ravaged through communities forcing us to change our way of life and limiting access to the most basic services.

The change and shift hasn’t just affected us at home, it’s being felt and lived through in countries where there is extreme poverty, no infrastructure and zero access to life’s most basic necessities. No, COVID-19 does not differentiate. And individuals, refugee families, the elderly, widows, orphans and entire communities are not only unprotected they are at unprecedented risk.

Help now!

> How you can help

(£50) This can provide a medical hygiene kit for a family.

(£75) This can provide a family food parcel for a month.

(£125) This can provide a family food parcel and medical hygiene kit for a family.


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