Friendships– get creative and tell us in your own words!

After last year’s successful launch, we’re back with another Write for READ competition to get your creative juices flowing! More than 300 entries were submitted from all over the UK (and a few from overseas as well!). Our readers and judges were overwhelmed with the quality of your writing and found it extremely difficult to decide on the winners. Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to those who won.

We have even more exciting news- to work our readers and judges even harder, we’ve decided to include a KS5 (16-18yr old) category. Our team are looking forward to reading pieces from this age group this time round.

This year we have a new theme for you to write about. Moving past the difficulties of the pandemic and lockdowns, we are looking towards the future in a positive light. Now we’re back at school, college, social gatherings, etc, more than ever we realise the impact our friends have had on us these past 18 months. Perhaps we drifted away from certain friends. Maybe we made new friends and socialised with them via zoom etc rather than in real life. Either way a friend is someone you can trust and turn to. Someone who is there for you. This could be a sibling or cousin, someone with the same online interests as you, or even a pet!

This World Children’s Day, READ Foundation would like to invite you, our young students to let your reflections and experiences inspire you in writing a short story, poem, play or a magazine/newspaper article about friendships. Get creative and express yourself!

KS1 (5-7yr)
KS2 (7-11yr)
KS3 (11-14yr)
KS4 (14-16yr)
KS5 (16-18yr)

There’s also a prize of £150 for the school that submits the most entries, so do mention the Write for READ competition to your school friends and teachers.

The competition is open to all students based in the UK aged 5-18 years of age. Students will need permission from a parent or guardian to enter if they are under 16 years old. Only KS1 entries should be hand written, all other work has to be word processed. Please do not put your name on the document, as the readers and judges need it to be anonymous.

1. Depending on your age, click on one of the links above to access the prompts for your Key Stage.
2. Decide on what you want to write, making sure you follow all instructions carefully. Check the word limit and make sure your name is not written on the entry.
3. Fill out the form below and upload your written piece with the supervision and permission of a parent/guardian if under 18yrs.
4. Share a photo of your written piece amongst friends and family on a platform of your choosing, and encourage others to enter. Share this page and let’s get the whole nation writing!

Our team of judges will be looking for entry pieces of either fiction or non-fiction, short stories, poems etc which adhere to the prompts above.

Pieces will be marked on creativity, originality and articulation.

For students returning to a new normal, experiences and projects like this one have never been more crucial to help young students find and shape their creative flair and reflect more about the world, life and their own feelings.

We want to hear their thoughts and stories.

Please read these rules carefully before entering the competition. You must have the consent of your parent/guardian to enter if you are under 16.

Entry to the competition is free.

Only 1 entry per student.

Entries accepted from UK residents only between 5-18 years of age. All students, of any background are permitted to take part, whether school going or home schooled.

All entries must be submitted in English (please check the maximum number of words allowed in your KS) and must be the author’s original work. Any entries containing offensive speech or material will be disregarded.

Disclaimer: Any extreme political/religious views submitted by entrants do not reflect those of the charity.

KS1 entries must be handwritten (by the child themselves). Entries (including drawings) should be no longer than an A4 page. All entries from KS 2-5 must be word processed.

Entries should be uploaded via the online form below. Only entries submitted through this webpage will be accepted.

No group entries allowed.

Entries will accepted from midday Friday 20th November until Sunday 23rd January 11:59pm. Any late entries will be disregarded.

As all entries will be judged anonymously, do not include the writer’s name on the page as the entry will become invalid.

The decision of the WRITE for READ judges is final and judging will be as follows:
- A team of readers will assess all submissions and shortlist the top 10 entries from each key stage based on a given criteria.
- The shortlisted entries will be assessed by judges who will each give the entries a score. There will be first, second and third place winners in each key stage.

Details of winners and their entries will be made available on this  website in May 2022.

Each winner will agree to take part in publicity for the promotion of the Write for READ Foundation Competition. Full name, photograph and location of winners will be used for press coverage. This is to raise the profile of the young writer and of the competition.

Sumaya Salam

“Writing has always been my passion and as a teacher of nearly 20 years, I have tried to pass that onto my students. I’m a primary school teacher with a specialism in Montessori education. When I was a young girl, there weren’t many writing competitions, so take this opportunity and have fun!”

Anna Wells

“During my nearly four decades as a teacher and Head of English, I hugely enjoyed encouraging young people to engage with the creative process. I wholeheartedly believe that reading widely and developing different kinds of writing enrich our personal and intellectual lives.”

Najaah Salam

Currently a student of English Literature and Creative Writing at The University of Manchester. When I’m not reading, watching a film or binge-watching a TV show, I channel my creativity into writing short stories or baking for family and friends.

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