Winter Campaign

After the late ending to the warm weather in the UK the cold is well and truly here; sub-zero temperatures have not been hit yet but it does feel like it is ‘freezing’ outside! When we leave our houses we make sure we have the right warm attire to cope with the cold, rain, snow and ice. We make sure that our houses are adequately warm and our employers ensure our work environment is pleasant. The shops we visit are also heated and the schools will close if the heating is not working.

Where our children are concerned we make sure that when they set off to school they are wearing their warm school uniform as well as their winter coat, hat and gloves to protect them from the cold. All of this even if they are getting a lift in a warm car and getting dropped at the school gates.

It is a sad fact that many of the orphans that READ Foundation supports in the rural part of Pakistan are not blessed with the same comforts such as central heating that we take for granted in the UK. Their houses may not have any heaters and if they do have one then buying the fuel to heat the house is generally beyond their reach. These children do not have warm clothes to protect them as they trek up the snow covered mountains to get to school or appropriate shoes to make the long walks – coats are a luxury. Their school buildings are not always water tight with many windows missing exacerbating the cold that the children feel. Despite all of these challenges the children will attend school so that they can try and build a better future for themselves.

READ Foundation have launched their ‘Save an Orphan from the Cold’ Winter Campaign to help orphan children who are facing extreme cold weather this winter.

This winter save an orphan from the cold!

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