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Education is imperative for growth and development, but there are millions of children without access to a school. Creating and increasing access to an education can have great benefits to a society,  including giving them the tools to come out of poverty.

Children need the right safe environment for learning, and that is what we create with your help. A safe, clean place with the required facilities and resources for children to learn.

Poor families feel the need to prioritise getting food and shelter to getting an education for their children, as they have nothing to spare in order to buy resources or even to pay for transportation, so we aim at offering a comprehensive support system for those children in need.

However, it is one thing to open a school, but designing the curriculum, employing skilled and fully trained teachers and ensuring the school has all it requires is paving the pathway to success. Many children in rural areas receive a poor education because of untrained teachers and/or lack of basic resources, but we cannot let this continue happening.

There are many schooled children who cannot carry out simple additions and substations. Sadly, millions of children around the world reach maturity without being able to read simple notes and instructions.

"The world is facing a learning crisis. While countries have significantly increased access to education, being in school is not the same thing as learning." (World Bank).

At the Read Foundation we do not just open schools, from the first day of school we make sure that every single detail is covered, from hiring qualified and trained staff, to making sure children are able to reach the school safely and comfortably.

We work with local agencies to find suitable spaces, buildings, which are then refurbished into safe schools for children. Our Open School Project develops effective literacy and numeracy skills through an education program which is not only fundamental in improving any child’s quality of life, but essential in achieving social equity and equality.


> Our impact

In 2019 alone, READ Foundation opened five new schools through the support and generosity of our donors. The schools were opened in areas where children had no access to an education, and where it will make a great difference to the local population.

We also were able to reach more than 1250 children and a community of over 15000 people across different locations in rural Pakistan!

We continue to work at identifying the most disadvantaged areas for our projects. We work with local partners who conduct surveys and research, and thus, we are able reach the most needy children and achieve greater results.

Our impact and reach will only grow with your support.

Keep helping us change lives.


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