> Opening Schools

There is no traffic jam on the extra mile.

Children living in poverty face many barriers to accessing an education.

10 barriers to education that children living in poverty face:

1. A lack of funding for education
2. Having no teacher, or having untrained teachers
3. No classroom
4. Lack of learning materials
5. The exclusion of children with disabilities
6. Being the ‘wrong’ gender
7. Living in a country in conflict or at risk of conflict
8. Distance from home to school
9. Hunger and poor nutrition
10. The expense of education

READ Foundation aims to travel an extra mile to break down every single one of these barriers.


> Our Impact

In 2019, READ Foundation opened five new schools with the support and generosity of our donors.

We reached more than 1,250 children and a community of over 15,000 people across different locations in rural Pakistan!

We aim to travel even further with your support.