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Gender equality is a fundamental human right and a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable future. Yet, more than 100 million girls between ages 6 - 17 are out of school and are less likely to ever set foot in a classroom.

READ Foundation believes in a world where all girls and boys are equally valued and have equitable access to an education and opportunities. We’re dedicated to the dismantling of discriminatory gender norms. These norms have a disproportionate impact on girls, preventing them from claiming their right to an education and exposing them to the dangers of an unbalanced system.

Investing in gender equality is not just only the right decision, it’s the smart decision.

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> Our impact

When girls are educated, they are empowered. This kind of empowerment can open all kinds of doors; doors to pathways that are free from discrimination and violence and, pathways to a more prosperous and stable community.

Not only do all of our projects ensure our beneficiary ratio of male to female is fair and as equal as possible, our schools have a strong base of female teachers. Our teachers are active examples of why education is important and how leadership, independence and economic development is encouraged through the empowerment of women.

It is our duty to provide a fair opportunity for all not only as aid workers but as Muslims.


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