The Importance of a ‘School’

READ Foundation was founded in 1994 and since being established we have focused on providing Education to children in developing countries.
For a child to gain quality education it is essential that they are taught by highly qualified teachers and are provided with learning essentials such as books and stationary, but the most important element is to have access to and be taught in a ‘School’.
How is education obtained from Schools linked to children’s development?
Schools are the hub of learning and are designed specifically to teach children but there are essential functions of a school which contribute to a child’s development and social skills:
  • A School conserves the valuable culture, tradition and values of society and works on promoting and developing these in the correct manner
  • Schools design and implement educational programmes in the form of different learning methods and activities which draw out the hidden potential of a child and develops them in the right way
  • Through different social interactions and moral teachings, schools spread the message of righteous living in society, teaching responsibility which prepares children to face any challenge in the future
At READ Foundation, we recognise the importance of children gaining education in a suitable environment and how learning in a school contributes to developing good values like truth, sympathy, cooperation etc. in a child. Keeping this in mind, since 1994 to date we currently run 340 schools in Pakistan and Kashmir which provide education to 80,000 children.
In February 2014, READ Foundation hosted an opening ceremony for our second school located in the suburbs of the capital of Pakistan – Islamabad. This remarkable 17 room school has been built in partnership with Qidwai Welfare Trust and will run as a Secondary School offering enrolment from pre-kindergarten through to 10th grade.

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