Thank You: Why Education Isn’t Just About Passing Exams

Thanks to our Ramadan 2018 fundraising drive, supporters of READ Foundation are now sponsoring more than 3,000 orphans. That means thousands of children are getting the equipment and funds they need to get a proper education.

We know that education gives children the tools they need for a brighter future, one free from poverty. But going to school is about much more than passing exams, as these children can verify…..

Creative Minds

While maths, science and history are all top priorities, school can also be an opportunity to explore your creative side.

THANK YOU - Orphans messages to their donors

“I made a picture of flowers for my donor,” said Tayyiba. She is 12 years old and is being sponsored by a generous READ supporter in Manchester. “I love going to school and drawing. My teachers say I’m very creative so I’m thinking about what career I can do when I’m older.

“Thank you my donor.”

Bookworm Rafia may be 5,000 miles away from her sponsor in Birmingham, but they both know how important an education is to a child.

“I love school and I like learning all the subjects, but reading is definitely my favourite,” she said. “I like how school gives you the opportunity to be creative.

“In class I drew a picture of a house for my donor to say thank you for his kindness.”

A Confidence Boost

For many orphans, school is an opportunity to enjoy a normal childhood. At home they may have to care for their siblings and older relatives, but school gives them a chance to be children again….

“I love going to school and learning so many different things,” said Fardaus. She is just 10 years old but already her teachers say she has an excellent aptitude for learning. “It’s important to me I get an education so I can help my family. It has made me hope that one day I can get a really good job.”

“My teacher says I’m really confident and I like playing with many friends,” said Kainaat. She has four siblings, so loves being around plenty of people.

“I like seeing my friends at school and painting lots of pictures. I like drawing flowers the best.

“I have a new sponsor in Glasgow. I hope she enjoys the flowers I drew for her.”

Although we’ve managed to narrow it down to a few children, there are thousands of orphans who now have a brighter future thanks to your support.

To find out why education is important in breaking the cycle of poverty, click here. Or read more stories from orphans here.

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