Street Children Drop in Centre and Night shelter

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Drop-in centre and night shelter for street children

Childhood is something that should be treasured. It is something special, so special in fact we should protect it and provide it for all children we care for. However, this isn’t the case for all children around the world.  A recent study carried out by the UN recorded 300,000 children living on the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh, vulnerable to drugs, child labour and sexual exploitation.

In order to challenge the issues children face on the streets of Dhaka, we have established two drop-in centres, supporting 400 children.

In order to reduce the risks and vulnerabilities of children living on the street and increase their chances in life, the drop-in centres aim to:

  • Provide children with education, vocational training and life skills
  • Enhance child protection and safety through families and communities
  • Improve communication and coordination among organisations that provide a service.
Restoring dignity and self-esteem to a child ensures that they are part of and may one day contribute back to society.  Not only does this project help reduce physical harm and is inclusive, but the children are made aware that they are cared for, that they are worthy of provision, security and love.

READ Foundation have sought to carry the beacon of light in dark nights by providing emergency night shelter for young girls who are at high risk on the streets.

£25 support a street child for a month

This will provide night shelter for one child for a whole month. It also covers security, socio-psychological support, WASH facilities and food.

£120 or £10 per month

This will provide night shelter for one child for a whole year. This also covers security, WASH facilities and food.

£240 or £20 per month

This will support a street child in the Drop-in Centre for a year and covers their education, food, access to WASH, health checks, psychosocial support and referral mechanisms, where necessary.

£5,000 or £420 per month

This will help with operating the Drop-in Centre for 200 children for a month.


Drop-in Centre for Street and Working Children, Dhaka Bangladesh, 2019.

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