Pakistan School Open Appeal

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Open a school in Bolani Village, Gujrat, Pakistan

We believe that schooling is an integral part of child’s development and plays a vital role in poverty reduction. This is why we have implemented a programme to open schools in areas where there are none. The education of many children in rural areas is challenged by long and dangerous journeys to and from school. Furthermore, the buildings are in poor condition, the quality of education is poor and there is a lack of water and latrine facilities. According to the education inequality index, 31% of children in rural areas are out-of-school.

Many rural children walk over two hours to go to school.

This is what we aim to do:

  • To provide a quality education to 250 underprivileged children in a safe and supportive environment, through the quality of instruction, physical facilities construction of an extension to a current school, curriculum, and extra-curricular activities
  • To allow children to build an individual social, emotional and educational base that would afford them social and professional choices in future

Project activities:

  • Setting up a READ Foundation school via a 12-month rental and then on-going subsidised fees will cover operational expenses from the second year
  • Enrolment of 30 – 35 children for each grade from Play Group to Grade 2
  • Hiring 12 staff members, including teacher training for five female teachers
  • Procurement of furniture, teaching and learning materials and equipment
  • Registration of the school with the relevant district and provincial authorities
  • Application of the National Curriculum Guidelines of Pakistan and ensuring good quality education is provided through teacher training
  • Intensive 6-day pre-service training and annual 3-day training for teachers at the start of every new school year
  • Evaluation and reporting, carried out by the project supervisor.

The specifications and design of the project involves school staff, parents of the pupils enrolled in the school and relevant supervisors at various levels.

The project supports the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

SDG 4: Ensuring quality education for all and promoting lifelong learning
SDG 5: Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls
SDG 10: Reducing inequality
SDG 1: Ending poverty in all its forms everywhere

Will you bring hope to a child and unlock the door of knowledge?

£120 or £10 per month

This can provide a school place for a child, for the next five years.

£600 or £50 per month

This can provide five children school places for the next five years.

£1,200 or £100 per month

This can sponsor a teacher in a READ school for a year.

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