Building a new school for 240 children: Helping children receive a quality education. READ Foundation primary school in Brahtla, Kolti, Azad Jamu Kashmir, Pakistan.

Direct beneficiaries include: Direct beneficiaries: 240 students, 7 teachers, 1 principal, 1 support staff.

Indirect beneficiaries include: A community of over 7,000 people, as well as 5 masons, 15 labourers and local material suppliers will benefit from the project.


We would love our project in the Kotli District to have a lasting impact for its vulnerable community. Please help us reach our final milestone of £114,005. Supporting this project will transform the lives of community and all the children that walk through its doors. We can make an impact if you involve your family, friends, colleagues and people you know.

The school urgently needs seismic-resistant and fit-for-purpose classrooms to help underprivileged children get a quality education in a safe and supportive learning environment. Construction of this school will include a veranda measuring approx. 5,339 sq.ft. for 240 students from primary section. The building shall consist of seven classrooms, one science laboratory room, one staff office, one principal office and 8 toilets/washrooms, fencing of the school premises, student furniture, science laboratory equipment and essential supplies.

Example of READ Foundation School

Once you commit to this project and the funds are raised, you will receive updates and 1 final report at the end of the project, which will highlight the process of the entire project life cycle.

  • The aim of the project is to construct a seismic compliant school that delivers quality education for otherwise marginalised children. Feature of the program include:
    • Providing effective literacy and numeracy skills (a curriculum and extracurricular activities)
    • Access to WASH facilities such as latrines that are in line with CHS standards
    • IT facilities and Science laboratories for older children

  • Will you help a child to move on to a better chapter in their life?

Location of the school:

Distance from the nearest major city: Barhtla is located about 170 kilometres, a 5-hour car journey, from Islamabad and less than an hour from the district headquarters Kotli city, AJK. The coordinates of the school site are: Latitude: 33.353803°, Longitude: 73.905182°.


READ Foundation Secondary School at Brahtla.

Our lead team

Br Mohammed Rafiq Farooqui

Br Irfan Aslam

Br Ishtiaq Farooqui

Br Shoukat Nazir

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