New School Places

We create new school places to enable more children to go to school.

Building new schools

We build brand new schools from the ground up with all the facilities needed to provide children with a quality education.

Renovating old schools

We renovate old and dilapidated schools significantly upgrading the environment for the children to enhance their learning.

New teachers

We employ good quality teachers to engage with the children and their individual circumstances.

Recruiting new teachers

We offer a great working environment and the chance for a positive impact, in an effort to entice the best teachers to take up post in our schools.

Up-skilling teachers

We provide on-going training and development to our educational staff in order to ensure a high standard of teaching is delivered in our schools.

Quality of schooling

All of our school builds and renovations implement the following facilities to provide children in our schools with the best possible learning environment.


We stock a variety of textbooks for the children to use during school, as well as a range of fictional titles for extra-curricular reading.

Science laboratories

The science laboratories provide children in our secondary schools the ability to conduct experiments in line with the national science curriculum.

Computer suites

The children use the computer suites to learn computing skills such as using office applications and the internet to conduct research.

Textbooks & school supplies

We provide textbooks across all of our schools and, where budget allows, school supplies such as stationery, backpacks and uniform.

School scholarships

We award scholarships to enable more children to get into school without them worrying about school fees.

Scholarships for orphans

Orphan children receive full scholarships covering fees and school supplies to give them the best chance to gain the education they need to succeed.

School bursaries

We award school bursaries to children affected by poverty that cover school fees in whole or part depending on individual circumstance.