Not Even A River Can Stand In Tajamul’s Way

When Tajamul sets off for school each day, he does so with trepidation.
The journey he takes is a treacherous one and, as he reaches the riverbank, his heart starts to pound. But then he thinks about why he wants to cross the wild, gushing water - on the other side of that river, his education awaits.
So he takes a breath and steps boldly onto the cable chairlift, hoping it will be sturdy enough to get him safely across. Nothing will keep this brave boy from school.
Back in 2005, Tajamul’s father died leaving his many siblings and mother to cope with both their grief and financial struggles. Without money to pay for school fees, his uniform and books, Tajamul faced the prospect of having to drop out of school.
Thankfully though, READ Foundation stepped in and have fully sponsored Tajamul and his younger brother so that they can attend the READ Foundation School.
Despite having to conquer his fear of the water every day on his journey to school, Tajamul is so grateful for his education and everything that READ Foundation has done for him. He says, ‘They have given me a free education, books and uniform - what more could I wish for!’
With an education, Tajamul will be able to find work and help to support his family in the future, giving them a chance to properly rebuild their lives.

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