Ramadan 2018: Nighat’s Story

Many girls grow up dreaming of becoming a princess and sitting on a throne, but Nighat didn’t dream of marrying a handsome prince. In her own words, she tells us how she set her sights on a different kind of throne….

The throne I set my sights upon was a different one altogether – it was the chair belonging to my teacher when I started at READ Foundation school. I felt so inspired by her love of teaching I decided one day, I would get to sit in that chair too. And that’s exactly what I did.

When I started at school, like many of the children who first arrive, I had very little confidence. I didn’t know what I could achieve. My teacher believed in me, encouraged me and told me what a great student I was. On my last day, she told me that once I had graduated from university, I should return as a teacher. Her words stayed with me for a long time.

Perhaps that’s why, when I started my teaching career, I did indeed return to that same school. Later, after eight years of teaching, I became the principal at another READ Foundation school which was a dream come true.

As both a student and as a senior member of staff, I know first-hand what an incredible organisation READ Foundation is. And that’s why I am asking for your support. Please sponsor an orphan for £30 a month or £360 a year to change their life forever.

Providing a high quality education is at the very heart of everything READ Foundation does which means they provide brilliant training for teachers. We learn effective and impactful techniques and this enables us to deliver an excellent education to the children who need it the most.

Every day, I watch children come through the school door with the weight of the world on their shoulders. Some are coping with unimaginable grief having lost either one or both of their parents.

We have many children who receive an education through READ Foundation that are orphans. Many live in desperate poverty and their families are unable to pay for school fees, uniforms and books – meaning that without schools like mine, these children wouldn’t get an education at all. And without an education, they have no hope of improving their lives.

Some have had to work in dangerous conditions to put food on their table and help their siblings survive.

Some live in appalling conditions with no proper bed to sleep in at night. They are forced to lie on the ground beside the filthy vermin crawling around them.

For these children, life is hard. They have been robbed of their childhood and have little in their lives to bring them joy. But the one thing that brings them both hope and happiness is READ Foundation. So please sponsor an orphan today.

This organisation works tirelessly to give children opportunities that they would never otherwise receive. And the children here grab those opportunities with both hands.

Some walk for miles and miles, through dangerous terrain, every day to reach us. They know what a difference getting a good education will make to their future.

And the staff here truly care for the children, meeting their emotional needs as well as their educational ones. So, not only do our students learn what they need to know to pass their
exams and get good jobs in the future, they get the compassion they need to believe in themselves too.

The children may arrive here full of sadness, but they leave full of hope. And that’s why I want to serve my country and work for READ Foundation for the rest of my life.

As principal at a READ Foundation school, I know what a difference you will make this Ramadan. The chair I sit on may look ordinary enough but to me, it’s the only throne I will ever need.

During Ramadan 2018 we want to encourage our supporters to sponsor an orphan. Your sponsorship can help children realise their dream of getting the education they deserve. Please, sponsor an orphan or learn more about the project here.

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