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Never miss Laylatul Qadr with MyTenNights

With a focus on the last ten nights of Ramadan My Ten Nights allows you to give regularly over the last ten nights of Ramadan. You give one donation and split it how you wish.

So it can be spread over the last ten nights of our holiest month, giving you every opportunity to catch the night of power (Laylatul Qadr).

My Ten Nights is an online platform that automates your donations over the last ten nights of Ramadan, so that you never miss giving on Laylatul Qadr again.

What is this all about?

To help you catch Laylatul Qadr in the most conventient way possible. Schedule your donations once and you’ll get a nightly confirmation each night your donation is taken.

How does it work?

Scheduling your donations is super easy – simply launch ‘My Ten Nights’ by clicking the button above and get started. It’s just three simple steps:

Choose your cause

Schedule your donations

Complete your transaction

You can now relax knowing that you donations will be made automatically, ensuring you don’t miss giving on the sacred Night of Power.