Guest Blog: My Love of Reading

Guest Blogger: Joshua Seigal
Joshua Seigal is a writer, performer and educator. Here, he tells us about his love of reading….  

I have always loved reading, but when I was at school, especially in primary school, I didn’t realise that I did. The reason for this was that what seemed to count as ‘reading’ was, in fact, something much more specific: reading meant fiction, and it meant chapter books. To read a book also meant to start at the beginning, and to finish at the end. When I was at school it was true that I didn’t particularly enjoy reading fiction, and I found it hard to sit with a book for a long period of time, working my way through it in a linear fashion. But looking back, it is most definitely not true to say that I didn’t like reading. I loved, and continue to love, factual books and anything to do with geography and history. I loved comics and newspapers. I loved dipping into a book with no pressure to read it from cover to cover. I was, and am, a reader, and when I visit schools I do my best to help pupils see that reading does not necessarily mean just one thing. All reading is good reading.

I Like Reading

I like reading dad’s old leaflets.

I like reading mum’s receipts.

I like reading things in secret.

I like reading in the street.


I like reading cornflakes packets.

I like reading magazines.

Lust for words? I do not lack it.

I read magic in my dreams.


Sad or funny, fact or fiction,

brochures, comics, I don’t mind.

Atlases are my addiction.

Give me words and I’ll unwind.


I like learning and exploring.

Reading is my rocket fuel.

Just don’t make me read those boring

books we study at our school.

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