How Parents can support Teachers?

Education is constantly evolving with changes to how teachers should teach, subject structures, reporting, evaluation and oversight to name a few areas. The demand on teachers to provide the best education for their pupils and hit school targets is ever present, and whilst they will endeavour to do this, any support that can be given by parents is always appreciated.

To aid teachers in these ever changing times parents have obligations not only towards their children but also their educators. Some of the basic ways that parents can help teachers within the schools is through hands on support with activities, playground supervision and school trips. Parents can also help by preparing their child in terms of having the right attitude and desire to learn, ensuring homework is completed on time as well as keeping an eye on progress by engaging with the school through parents’ evenings, school reports and attending school functions.

Other ways that parents can help teachers is to consider the following points:

  • Become educated about education! Parents should do everything possible to understand the decisions being taken by the schools and how their child is being educated. What are the goals and targets and why is their child in a particular class over another, what is happening in the school and what motivated the decisions. In short, have a basic understanding of everyone’s position so that you can make informed decisions and become an active partner with the teacher.
  • Forget their own school experience – that’s history and times have changed! Parents should resist dwelling in the past as far as education is concerned and not share their own experiences with their children. The way the parent will lead the child and answer their questions will greatly influence the way the child is likely to approach their education. Education is innovating and the current pupil needs to be part of this innovation.
  • Question the teacher, seek updates about the child but most importantly work hand-in-hand with the teacher. Like parents, most teachers have the best interest of their pupils at heart and if there is a healthy partnership between these two key parties, then the benefit to the child can be enormous.

Undoubtedly there are fads and trends in education. Different methods work better for different students and effective navigation of the maze of teaching will determine how the child comes out at the other end. BY adopting a co-operative stance parents can help teachers to help their children get the education they deserve.

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