> Key Stage 5 (16-18yr)

Please choose one of the three options:


1. Use the following sentence in a story: "As they boarded the aircraft, the two friends realised that there would be no going back now."

• you can write a story or a short drama
• the two friends should experience a significant adventure together in your piece

2. Think about the following sentence and use it as inspiration for a story, poem or short drama about friendship: "I would rather walk with a friend in the dark than alone in the light."

• you can incorporate the sentence in your piece if you wish
• think about the significance and challenges of friendship


3. Respond to the following statement: "On-line friendships are dangerous and damaging, especially to the young."

• you could write an article for a newspaper, magazine or online forum
• draw on your own experience and the experience of others, including what you might have read about in the media
• explain your opinions fully and try to consider a range of viewpoints

All three options carry a word limit of 1,500 and remember, less is sometimes more! If you choose to write a drama script, you should present it as a scene from a larger piece and may use up to 2,000 words.

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