> Key Stage 2 (7-11yr)

All entries must be typed and submitted in a font that is easy to read.

Please choose one of the two prompts:

Non – Fiction

Write a poem about your best friend.

• your poem should be no longer than 25 lines
• you can choose who to write about, they could be a parent, sibling, school friend, or even a pet
• it could be a poem describing them, how you met them or about an activity you did together


You are a superhero and have been fighting one supervillain for years. During your latest battle, you discover that they are actually your best friend.

Notes: your short story should be no longer than 1000 words. You could write about:
• how you found out who they are
• why they became a villain
• how long you have been friends
• you could even switch the characters around to make yourself the villain and your friend the superhero

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