> Key Stage (5-7yr)

All KS1 entries must be handwritten (by the child themselves), we’d love it if you also included a drawing to go along with your story. Entries (including drawings) should be no longer than an A4 page. You can send us a photo or a scanned copy of your entry.

Choose either  the non-fiction or fiction prompt:

Non – Fiction

Write about a time you and a friend went on an adventure.

Note: you get to decide what an ‘adventure’ is. It could be anything from the first day back at school, to the time you and your friend had to feed their pet cat.


Write a story where a character finds and becomes best friends with a magical creature.

Notes: you get to choose which magical creature to write about, or you could make up your own. You could write about:
• what the creature looks like
• how your character found them
• what your character and this magical creature do together

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