Gender Empowerment

Gender Equality

Equality is important. It has to start at a young age. Every person whether they are male or female has a role to play in society. Our projects ensure that the beneficiary ratio of male to female is as equal as we can make it. We want to provide a fair opportunity to all.

Gender disparities in developing countries are less evident in childhood, but begin to widen during adolescence (UNICEF, 2019). For children younger than 5 years old, indicators such as breastfeeding rates are still similar, but the gender gap in primary education are closing year on year. However, according to UNICEF, when the girls reach adolescence, they are less likely than boys to be in secondary education and are more likely to marry before the age of 18. Meanwhile, the World Bank’s report highlights mortality as the worst disparity rate between men and women. In developing countries, 3.9 million girls are aborted once the gender is known to the parents.

READ Foundation supports students into higher education.

Every child, whether male or female, is unique, special and has a right to learn. Equality is key. At our READ Foundation schools, we also make sure to champion women. So with this in mind we make sure we have a strong base of female teachers. They are active examples of why it’s important to continue with education. It also conveys how the leadership of women is important when implementing programmes. This consideration is taken beyond education, as girls and women are trained for employment, to include them in economic empowerment, independence and equality.


Drop-in Centre for Street and Working Children,Dhaka Bangladesh – 2019