Educated Mothers

A mother is one of the largest influences in her child’s life and with this power comes responsibility. The care and love a mother provides, moulds her children into the adults they are destined to become, but her own education and financial success has a great effect on her children’s future. The great achievements of her life which her children appreciate today are all due to her attending school in her youth as a girl and this education has presented a beautiful journey to her transforming from a girl into a mother who is viewed in a positive and respectable light today.

Education is one of the most critical areas of empowerment for mothers and this education leads to social change and advantages for her children. Having an educated mother in developing countries is more important than ever because if a mother is well educated and has financial success through either going out into the working world or working from home using knowledge gained from education, her children will see their empowered mother as a role model for their own lives. However, if the mother is uneducated, holds an unexceptional job that provides near to nothing for the family and is barely there to spend time with her children, she will raise children that will lead similar lives to her.

In the early years of a child’s life, young minds are rapidly developing, exploring and beginning to understand the world. It’s a time when nurturing and sense of security create a strong foundation for future learning. It is in these early years where children who have an educated mother will benefit of a supportive home environment by learning things like the alphabet, reading or recognising numbers, giving their child a head start in life. These children whether male or female, will most certainly go to school and also have time allocated to educational activities outside of school.

As well as leading a happier and healthier life, there are many benefits of having an educated mother such as:

  • An educated mother will have high expectations for her children’s educational success and will continuously encourage them to develop high expectations of their own
  • An educated mother will spend more time with her children on their school work and will regularly read to them
  • An educated mother is more likely to have health knowledge ensuring her children receive the proper vaccines for their health and provide healthy meals that are nutritionally beneficial.

It is evident how a mother’s education improves the lives of her children and it will also improve her relationship with them.  A mother who is educated and empowered is more likely to earn the respect of her children and have more control over them in a positive manner. She will encourage and guide them away from trouble, leading them to a better life.

Education is so important for men and women, but it is especially beneficial for the empowerment of women. Young girls in developing countries must be encouraged to pursue education which will be the first step to turn them into knowledgeable women who will go on to secure themselves the title of an educated mother.  This will not only empower her life and improve her situation, but she will also empower her children and be a great role model.

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