Case Study – From Orphan to Doctor

READ Foundation orphan sponsorship programme has helped many hundreds of children in desperate need out of educational poverty. There are many success stories whereby orphan children go on to become successful in their chosen field by completing the orphan sponsorship programme from READ Foundation. Today, we will show case one such person who was orphaned at a very young age. He is now a qualified doctor on the verge of becoming a consultant at the famous Al Shifa Hospital, Pakistan. He is Dr Shafeeq Ahmad.

Dr Shafeeq was at the tender age of one when his father passed away leaving a widow and six children. In Pakistan, like many other countries in the world, without a breadwinner, life is tough where even basic living needs are difficult to fulfil, let alone the ‘luxury’ of an education. Through READ Foundation’s orphan sponsorship programme Dr Shafeeq was supported throughout his childhood education.

With hard work and dedication Dr Shafeeq is now in his final year of medical training to be a consultant specialising in kidneys in one of the best and most respected hospitals in Pakistan. In a recent interview Dr Shafeeq said the following:

‘I always wanted to become a doctor but I could not imagine that I could go to the best medical schools and get to the position I am in now. The wish was always there but seemed difficult as lots of finance and support was needed; sometimes I would lose hope but Allah helps. The support from READ Foundation was key as this made the difference which ultimately helped me and my family. Today, I am able to support myself, my mother and my siblings’.

It is clear that READ Foundation’s support helped Dr Shafeeq break out of the poverty trap and help him change his life. Dr Shafeeq now has a dream to start a charity hospital in his home village and to give back hope and opportunity which he received to his community.

There is estimated to be 160 million orphans in the world. Many are the most vulnerable in society, facing a daily struggle for survival and live under difficult conditions.

The READ Foundation ‘Sponsor an Orphan’ programme does not just give orphans an education but goes far beyond this: it aims to give the children hope and a brighter future. The support provided helps the child to avoid child labour, begging and criminal activity – things that some resort to just to make ends meet.

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