> World Day of Social Justice

20th of February 2023

Today is the World Day of Social Justice. A day to reflect on how important it is to build an inclusive and just society. In order to achieve social justice, education is essential because it equips people with the knowledge and abilities they need to fully engage in society and to take advantage of opportunities for both personal and professional development.

Although having access to a high-quality education is a fundamental human right, millions of individuals around the world are denied this opportunity because of inequality, prejudice, and other social injustices. These educational inequalities have a negative impact on people, communities, and entire societies.

Children from low-income households are, for instance, more likely to attend schools where they lack the resources and the assistance they require to achieve. As a result, they are less likely to complete high school, enroll in college and university, which reduces their options for finding work and earning a living wage.

In addition, marginalised groups frequently encounter extra challenges to receiving education, such as refugee peoples, people with disabilities, and immigrants. For instance, it’s possible that refugee and immigrant children won’t have access to education in their native languages, and that children with disabilities won’t have the particular help and support they need to learn.

By removing these obstacles, we may work towards social justice via education by guaranteeing that everyone has equitable access to high-quality instruction. Among them are:

– Investing in early childhood education and providing assistance to low-income families.
– Supplying the necessary resources institutions that serve underserved communities.
– Increasing access to and affordability of education.
– Providing children with disabilities with specialised assistance and accommodations.
– Supporting marginalised populations’ education and development, including refugees and immigrants.

Let’s pledge to use education to build a more equal and just society on this World Day of Social Justice. We can enable people to realise their full potential and build a better future for all of us by ensuring that they have access to high-quality education.

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