> World Book Day

2nd of March 2023

Happy World Book Day! Today we celebrate the joys and benefits of reading. As we celebrate this day, let's pause to consider the reality that, despite a steady increase in literacy rates over the previous 50 years, there are still 773 million adult illiterates worldwide, the majority of whom are women. The current literacy rate in Pakistan alone, where the READ Foundation operates 400 schools is 62.3 percent which means that around 90 million people in the country cannot read and write.

One of the most effective tools we have for expanding our thinking and minds is reading. Reading can open up new worlds to us, teach us new things, and make it easier for us to understand our environment. Whether it's a book, a biography, or non-fiction, reading may educate, motivate, and amuse us.

There are numerous practical benefits to reading. Reading can strengthen our cognitive abilities, particularly our capacity for critical analysis and problem-solving. It can facilitate better verbal and written communication between us. Also, it can enhance our mental health by lowering stress and anxiety and enhancing all-around wellbeing.

The mission of World Book Day is to encourage young people's love of reading and literacy. World Book Day makes it possible for children from all circumstances to enjoy the advantages of reading by giving every full-time student in the UK a voucher to be used towards books.

Adults can also participate in World Book Day. It's a day for all of us to celebrate the value of reading. Thus, why not set aside some time today to pick up a book, whether it's a recent publication or an old favourite? You will undoubtedly discover something that will make you happier and broaden your thinking whether you read for enjoyment or personal development.

Happy World Book Day and happy reading!