Uniting for Quality Education: READ Foundation at SIDA’s Annual Conference

Last week, READ Foundation had the privilege of participating in the Scotland’s International Development Alliance (SIDA) annual conference titled ‘All Eyes on the SDGs’. This event brought together various SIDA members, speakers, and government representatives, all dedicated to contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

> A Collective Commitment

The conference was a testament to the collective commitment of all participants to the SDGs. It was inspiring to witness the re-commitment of SIDA members and other attendees to contribute actively to these global goals. The main takeaway from the event was the crucial need for stronger strategic partnerships and effective political leadership to drive change.

> READ Foundation’s Contribution

Our Deputy CEO, Javeria Hashmi, accompanied by our Programmes Manager Insiya, and Programmes and Partnerships Officer Annie, represented READ Foundation at the conference. They showcased our significant contributions, particularly to SDG 4 - Quality Education, through a presentation and discussions on our work in various parts of the world. This was an excellent opportunity to highlight READ Foundation’s commitment and efforts towards providing quality education where it's needed the most.

> Stepping Up to the SDGs

SIDA recently released a report titled ‘Stepping up to the SDGs’, mapping the contributions of its members to the individual SDGs. We are proud to announce that READ Foundation is among the 76 members actively contributing to SDG 4. This report is a reassessment of how SIDA members are implementing the SDG Agenda, revealing contributions to all 17 SDGs in over 170 countries. It aims to raise awareness of the 2030 SDG Agenda and showcase how the SDGs are shaping global efforts towards sustainable development.

> Conclusion

The SIDA annual conference was not just an event but a celebration of commitment and partnership towards achieving the SDGs. READ Foundation is honoured to be part of this collective endeavour and will continue to work diligently towards providing quality education for all.

For more details on the contributions of SIDA members to the SDGs, you can read the full report on SIDA’s official website.