> International Women’s Day

8th of March 2023

Happy International Women's Day! This year's theme is innovation and technology for gender equality, highlighting the importance of using technology to empower women and girls and to promote gender equality in all aspects of life.

Gender equality in technology is still a challenge globally. Education is a crucial part of this effort, as it provides women and girls with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a rapidly changing digital world. By investing in education and training programs that teach digital literacy and other technological skills, we can help women and girls overcome barriers to social mobility and economic opportunity. This should be of particular importance to businesses who depend on cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain. Modern technologies require more creativity and invention, which can only be attained through excellent teamwork amongst various mindsets.

However, access to education and technology is often limited for women, especially those living in poverty or in marginalised communities around the world. This creates a cycle of disadvantage that is difficult to break, as women may lack the resources and support they need to pursue education and achieve social mobility.

For women, especially those who live in underprivileged or marginalised communities around the world access to education and technology is generally limited. As a result, women may lack the means and support they require to seek education and advance socially, creating a cycle of disadvantage that is challenging to overcome.

We must adopt a comprehensive strategy that targets the root causes of poverty and prejudice in order to address these issues and advance gender equality. Among them are:

1. Funding education and training initiatives that equip women with the abilities and information necessary to thrive in the digital era.

2. Widening access to healthcare and other important services, such as telemedicine and digital healthcare.

3. Tackling structural disparities and prejudices that impede women from using technology.

We can build a more inclusive and equitable society where women have the chance to advance socially, end poverty, and overcome disparities by working to address these issues. Let's pledge to use innovation and technology to promote gender equality for all people on this International Women's Day and to empower women and girls.