> Yemen Emergency - this project is Zakat applicable

Empowerment and change through multi-educational assistance for the most vulnerable in Yemen.

As the conflict escalates in Yemen, the UN reports that 80% of the population needs acute humanitarian aid, 12 million are vulnerable children. More than 20 million Yemenis are at risk of being forced into a life of poverty and famine.

The children of Yemen are battling against armed conflict, abuse, diseases, malnutrition and poverty. Now, coronavirus threatens their lives too. They are deprived of education - their biggest weapon in the fight against poverty.

Your generosity and support are essential for the survival of the people of Yemen. Through your Zakat and Sadaqah, we are working tirelessly to ensure that your donations are reaching those that need it most.

Help us ensure we reach every single vulnerable child in Yemen.

Be the difference. Help now.

> What we're doing

Our Emergency Multi-Educational programme creates a path to childhood learning, access to basic WASH facilities, community cohesion and inclusion. The programme also supports three schools in Yemen, providing them with:

► Breakfast meals and snacks for pupils
► Hygiene Kit distribution to students, and training
► Sanitation systems
► Rehabilitated infrastructure and classroom replacements
► Building staff capacity
► Introduction of a psychosocial support programme
► Educational supplies, such as textbooks

Help us reach as many beloved children as we possibly can in this time of need.

> How you can help

No matter how challenging, we will continue to fight for a brighter future.



A one off payment of £60 will contribute to emergency aid.

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A one off payment of £300 will contribute to emergency aid and education.

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A monthly payment of £25 will contribute to emergency aid and education.

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