> My Ten Nights: Never miss Laylatul Qadr again!

Guarantee your Laylatul Qadr by scheduling and automating your donations with MyTenNights!

As we commemorate what will be our second Ramadan in the midst of a global pandemic, we accept that once again, the holy month of Ramadan will not be as it once was. Our hearts may be heavy as our mosques remain closed but Ramadan remains a month of spiritual cleansing and purification for Muslims as we rise above all and connect with our creator.

With everything that we are facing, keeping track of days or time can be difficult. We all want to do the absolute best we can in order to ensure we’re maximising our opportunity to reap the rewards of this blessed month.

In an effort to make things easier, we at READ Foundation have chosen to once again bring you MyTenNights.

MyTenNights is an automated giving platform that allows you to split your Zakat and Sadaqah donations across each night during the final ten nights of Ramadan, allowing you to concentrate on your Ibadah, confident that you’re making the most of every single moment, and never missing Laylatul Qadr.

May these blessed days be a means for us to connect with our Lord and our community, and to share together in gratitude.

How does MyTenNights work?

Scheduling your donations is simple and can be done with just a few clicks of a button across three simple steps:
1. Choose your cause
2. Schedule your donation
3. Complete your transaction
And you’re done! You can now rest assured knowing that your donations will be made automatically across each of the last ten nights in Ramadan, including Laylatul Qadr inshaAllah.

Giving Zakat and Sadaqah during the last ten nights of Ramadan

“Laylatul Qadr is better than a thousand months” (97:3)

The final ten days of Ramadan are an opportunity to multiply and gain more rewards, and many choose to do this by giving their Zakat and Sadaqah in the hopes that they’re donating on the eve of Laylatul Qadr which falls on an odd night within the final ten days of Ramadan.
The rewards of giving Sadaqah and Zakat during Ramadan are multiplied by 70, and the reward for every righteous act during Laylatul Qadr is equivalent to having completed this act for over 83 years!
Give generously during the month of Ramadan and help us provide empowerment through the gift of education – a basic human right – to those who are most vulnerable and in need. Be the difference. Donate today and help us transform lives.