Ramadan 2018: Ammamah’s Story

Even after losing all hope after a devastating earthquake, Ammamah was able to pick up a pencil at her new school just days later. To her, it was like finding a magical wand. It was the key to making her only wish come true…

It was a cold grey day in December 2005 when Ammamah first entered READ Foundation’s school. She shivered uncontrollably as she approached the front door, partly from the cold and partly from the fear she felt having just survived a devastating earthquake that had caused death and destruction all around her.

Up until that moment, everywhere Ammamah looked she saw hopeless faces etched with pain. Her own school had been destroyed and she had no idea what to expect in her new class.

It wasn’t long though before Ammamah realised that she was one of the lucky ones. READ Foundation was the only institution working to re-establish her community and give children the education they had lost when the buildings around them had come crumbling down.

Throughout the nine years that followed, Ammamah worked extremely hard at a READ Foundation school and achieved good grades which enabled her to attend university to study medicine, against all the odds.

She says, “READ Foundation played a large part in shaping the person I have become. It built my character, gave me opportunities and taught me to have big dreams before helping me to make those dreams a reality.

“I am very close to becoming a qualified doctor – which has always been my wish – and it’s all thanks to READ Foundation. I owe them so much and I am so grateful.

“For all the children like me, who’s dreams can only come true thanks to the generosity of people like you, thank you.”

Ammamah believes the purpose of medicine is to serve humanity and she now aspires to provide healthcare for anyone who needs it in her community. She also wants to return to her roots and provide health education in READ Foundation schools so children are aware of the many diseases and dangers that are prevalent where they live. She also feels this would go some way to honour the education that she received.

When Ammamah first picked up a pencil at READ Foundation’s school on that cold, grey, December day, she could never have known that her life would change forever. But she certainly knows it now.

And the best part of her story is that the education she has received, thanks to the generosity of people like you, will now enable her to improve lives throughout her community.

We’re sharing Ammamah’s story during Ramadan as she is living proof that when you give a child the gift of education, you give them a future. And that as they grow into a well-rounded, well-educated adult, they give back whatever they can to help children facing the same grief, poverty and hardship they once faced.

Your generosity won’t just help to change one child’s life, it will help a whole generation to come.

During Ramadan 2018 we want to encourage our supporters to sponsor an orphan. Your sponsorship can help children realise their dream of getting the education they deserve. Please, sponsor an orphan or learn more about the project here.

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