Meet Our 2018 Writing Competition Runners Up

A poem and a short story were joint runners up in READ Foundation’s 2018 Writing Competition.

Judith Jenkinson’s Within These Pages and Emily Withers’ piece My Education Helped Me Transform jointly take second place to winner Rhian Holvey’s essay Learning Life.

Entrants were asked to write 500 words or less using the theme of “My education helped me….”. The winning entry will now go on display in hundreds of READ Foundation schools.

Our judge Qaisra Shahraz gave feedback to both writers, which you can read in more detail on our Writing Competition Winners page.

Judith Jenkinson

Judith is a mum-of-two who is originally from Toronto but now lives in Louth, Lincolnshire.

She’s self-published work before and says her children have been a great influence on her writing and her attitude to education.

“Since they’ve started school I’ve started learning about what education means to them,” said Judith, who is an outdoor learning assistant at a school.

“You can see the impact regular reading with children has and we as teachers have on children.

“I wanted to use something that created a connection between reading and education so I chose a metaphor of a book.”

Emily Withers

Emily Withers is joint runner up in our writing competition

Emily is a student at Cardiff University but is originally from Rowley Regis in the Black Country.

The READ Foundation Writing Competition is the very first one she has entered, so she was thrilled to be named as a runner up.

Her short story followed a character through different stages of their education, including adulthood – proving that learning never stops.

“I knew straight away what I wanted to write about and knew it would be part-personal, part-fiction,” said Emily, who is 20 years old.

“The first half of the story is taken from my own experience, but the last part is about a 35-year-old – so I’m imaging what might happen down the line.

“I read a lot in my free time so the theme of the writing competition was something I really liked the sound of.”

Both runner up entries can be read in full on our Writing Competition Winners page.

Why not give it a go?

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You can also read about our Writing Competition winner, Rhian Holvey, in our previous blog post.

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